Zero Deaths in Capital; India sees Sharp Decline in Covid Cases

Story Highlights
  • 30,948 positive cases and 403 deaths were reported on Sunday
  • Delhi reported no casualties for 3rd consecutive days
  • Almost 58 crore people vaccinated

New Delhi: Since the onset of the second wave, the national capital of India has been one of the worst affected states in the country. Lakhs of people lost their lives during the second wave in lack of oxygen shortage and having no minimal equipment for their treatments. But at this point of time, Delhi has reported zero deaths for the 13th time since the second wave set in.  The rate of positivity declined rapidly in the capital and stands at 0.04 percent.

India, on the other hand, reported only 30,948 positive cases with 403 deaths on Sunday itself. The active caseload now stands at around 3,53,400 which is the lowest in the last 153 days. The positivity rate of the country now stands at 1.09% as compared to march this year when the second wave approached. 

This feat has been possible due to vast vaccination procedures carried out across the country. To date, around 58 crore people have been vaccinated with almost 52,23,600 vaccination shots administered in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, another covid vaccine Zydus Cadila got approval from the centre which will produce a vaccine for children above 12 years of age. They are expected to produce 1 crore vaccine doses per month from October. At this rate, we can be hopeful to be corona-free soon.

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